Tutor Office

The white label tutoring management platform

For organisations providing tutoring

Tutor Office is used by organisations providing tutoring services to schools, local authorities and parents.

White-label SaaS

A fully hosted solution with your own company branding and domain name.

Tutor Office

A full suite of tools to provide and manage a tutoring service.

Tutor Wallet

A fully automated payment system for optional integration with Tutor Office.

Key Features

The Tutor Office platform enables efficient tutor and client management, tracks and automatically reports on tutoring delivery, and provides integrated safeguarded online classrooms. Tutor Office can also be optionally integrated with our custom payment system, Tutor Wallet ®, which can collect payments from clients and automate lesson billing and tutor payouts.

User Management

Manage tutors with custom sorting, searching and profile creation. Manage clients with custom accounts for students, parents, schools and institutions. Link tutors and clients to allow safeguarded messaging and manage bookings for both in-person and online lessons. Provide schools and institutions with full visibility and control over students and their tutoring.

Online classrooms

Safeguarded online classrooms are fully integrated within Tutor Office and accessed with a single click, so there's no need for emails or sharing of links.

Support for 1-to-1 and small groups with attendence control.

Video chat for all participants throughout the lesson.

Interactive whiteboards, document creators and screensharing.

Share and annotate PDFs, images and Microsoft Office files.

Export workspaces for review, feedback and monitoring.

Automated reporting

Log in-person and online lessons with automated attendance reporting and feedback collection. All messages, lesson reports and feedback are searchable by admin and schools or parents to ensure safeguarding and allow evaluation and attainment monitoring. Create reports on tutors, clients and the tutoring delivered.

Integrated payments

Tutor Office can be optionally integrated with our fully automated payment system, Tutor Wallet ®. Clients pay funds into a Wallet using a debit or credit card, lessons are billed automatically and tutors receive payouts to their bank accounts. Automated reporting tracks client spending and tutor earnings.

National Tutoring Programme

Tutor Office is used to manage and deliver tutoring services to schools as part of the UK government funded National Tutoring Programme.

The platform supports a range of operational models for both in-person and online tutoring and allows NTP Partner organisations to meet many of the programme requirements, particularly around monitoring, reporting, safeguarding.

Tutexa Ltd

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