Tutor Office

White-label SaaS for tutoring agencies.

The Platform For Tutoring Agencies

A complete solution for the technical, legal and administration requirements of online tutoring, allowing agencies to focus on growing their business.

White-label SaaS

A fully hosted solution with your own company branding and domain name.

Tutor Office

A full suite of tools and services to run an online tutoring agency.

Tutor Wallet

A fully automated and compliant payment system integrated with Tutor Office.

Key Features

Agencies are provided with all the tools and services needed to manage their business and enable their clients to arrange and conduct online tutoring.

Administration Tools.

A full suite of administrator tools allows you to manage your clients and your business. Ensure quality control and safeguarding and track important business and financial metrics.

Client management

Engage with your tutors and students and manage their accounts.

Business reporting

Analyse client interactions and the flow of funds through your agency.

Online tutor rooms.

A full suite of tools for effective and safeguarded one-to-one online tutoring. Your clients can share, edit and create documents in real time. Tutor rooms launch within the web browser so are simple to use.

High quality video chat

Interactive whiteboards

Collaborative document editing

Automated payments.

Funds are automatically transferred from students to tutors upon any tutoring. Your agency fees are automatically deducted and transferred to you.

Student payment

Students top up their Tutor Wallet and use it to pay for online lessons and other tutoring services with your agency.

Tutor payout

Tutor earnings are automatically transferred directly into their bank accounts, following deduction of your agency fee.


Tutor Office has a wide range of features for agencies and their clients.

Tutor Profiles | Powerful searching | Intelligent tutor ranking | Messaging and file sharing | Ratings and reviews | Custom tutor management | Automated reporting | Quality control and safeguarding | Custom content and branding

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